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Chelsea | 21 | South Florida | Dancing in the Sunshine ☼

Mostly I'm just trying to find peace and happiness in a world that doesn't guarantee either. Pain and love, and transcendence. We can't know one without the other. We have to keep moving forward, keep moving toward the sun. I spend more time than I'd like to admit remembering times that will never come back. But I strive every day to live life with more intention than I did the day before. Life is short. Care for your soul, dance with your eyes closed and hold hands with the ones you love. Thrive. You are here. Enjoy it, because it's happening.

are here

I AM SO EXCITED I FOUND YOU AGAIN AFTER LIKE A YEAR. I deleted my old tumblr for a while. When I made another one I often wondered about you. I hope that doesn't sound creepy. I just think you're so lovely and I felt like I was observing your journey. Your struggles with D, your search for religion, your move to spirituality. I am so incredibly happy that I can finally see how your doing again!


WOAH !! Oh my gosh!! Hi!!!!!!!!!! You have me so excited hehe! I’m so glad you found me too because I wanna be friends with you!!!! You are such a sweetheart and it really humbles me when people tell me they’ve been following me for years and that they’ve seen me transform and bloom through my struggles. I love tumblr for that. I have made so many friendships and a few strong strong bonds with people I wouldn’t have otherwise. Please come off anon so we can chat 💜 love to you sunshine

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Oh my gosh! I lived in clear water for a year and just moved a few months ago! Im in north carolina now but possibly moving back to fl to be with my bf at the end of the summer. I would love to meet you :)


Clearwater is beautiful! I’ll actually be at Clearwater beach on Friday to celebrate my 22nd!!!! Ahhhh I would love to meet you too babyloveeeee!!! Let me know if you come back here!!💜☺️

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